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Feed from my Android. My computer has recently been down for a year now n don't know when I'll get it back up.

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Currently going through sweep, don't be afraid to ask me about faves


Ensania inspiration of Erica

So as you should know, Erica Ashenhurst is an angelic half of her demon sister Alexandria, she is a dark blonde, who wears a white dress as her casual look in 2023, she's heavily inspired by the Homestuck troll Vriska Serket (especially by her fairy dress or extreme rp thing), she is also significant for being gifted with the powers of Death and possesses a demonic-like sickle (not DEATH SCYTHE!) as her weapon, it is able to expand into it's original form and can extend the reaches of it's normal use utilizing light powers. (Note: that Erica was once a servant and weilded a another syth for the use of harbenging and reaping damned souls, and utilizef light and earth properties). Her sickle is also bendible for the most "sinister" uses, one can shift like the "chain dagger" because of it's lasso-like form. The sythe is known to harm any creature in existance. Erica also has other benifits without the use of her scythe. And is also capable of summonig demons from the underworld or barathrum, although it not an easy task having pull servants from barathrum...

"Ensania" beta short story...

*at some point*

Erica: *aggrevated sighs and frounds* ...why do I even try???

teenage boy: I-I do!

*the boy flips up Erica's short skirt dress and blushes nervously excited*

*in slow motion perspective*

Erica: *pant...* what!?

*in the event Erica [glares at nothing] and starts blushing enraged posing frozen in a brief moment*

teenage boy: oh know...

*the boy is speechless without another word still blushing along with a nervious grin*

Erica: *grunts with embarrassment*

*Erica turns and slaps the boy's face after a quickening clash towards him*


2014 by Mvrcealago
Yeah. just thought I'd share this, there's really not that much rainfall around the west region so out of 7 months I just took advantage of it

So it's been 3 years...and it's September!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 6, 2015, 10:47 AM

I'll have to get back to you in the near future on the journal part, I don't really know where to start...and I've pretty much been tormenting myself to a certain degree on anxious intent, highly induced stress tention, and a serious but possibly fatal addciction (on drugs)...BYE!


journal skin by banishedcatgirl233

  • Listening to: Extreme music
  • Reading: Spanish
  • Watching: Act 5
  • Playing: AW
  • Eating: Calories
  • Drinking: Tea Leaves

just a side note

It's simple really, my faves? I fave whatever suits my taste for dark style, but people could say I have a fetish, if they please but it wouldn't mean a thing, WHATEVER, if they turn to insults I simply ignore it because, there's no point to start shit over nothing, and I don't need a wall if there's no one to bitch on to your channel period (if they're BLOCKED (PERIOD)), it's only faire, so I wouldn't bother.

I fave almost anything from HOMESTUCK to Dark style to anime, mostly all feminant material are primarily in Faves, Devious Collection - Photoshoped or Portrayed renders of all sorts (motly characters), the rest are quite obvious. I pay my respects to the artist and if possible, set on Watching that person in the near future. Also artist, Pay your damn thanks and be done with it! same goes for being thanked, you don't need to tend to everyones comment if you choose not too in advance, the user's feedback will not have been turned down in vein despite unintentions, it is not as aggrevating as it seems. I will do what I must but I won't garantte everyones comment will be answered for I'm a recently busy person



fractal skull by PeterKrijger

fractal skull

by PeterKrijger
A voided Cavity of crap at the moment...


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